1. What do you primarily run Novell Cluster Services on today?

2. What do you run Business Continutity Cluster on today?

3. Do you use an alternative to Novell Cluster Services for High Availability of OES services?

4. What Vitualization solution are you running Novell cluster nodes in?

5. Do you have a need to cluster Virtual Machines in the future?

6. What kinds of resources do you currently have and how many?

7. For each resource, have you altered the load, unload, monitor scripts other that adding names, ipaddress, etc.

8. What percentage of NSS resources have DFS enabled?

9. What percentage of NSS resources have CIFS enabled?

10. What percentage of NSS resources have AFP enables?

11. For what services do you want to create resources but can't? Why?

12. What is your trust level that NCS will keep your services running?

13. What feature enhancements or improvments would you like to see in NCS or BCC? Please also explain the value it would provide customers.

14. Contact Information – If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for the $50 Amazon GC, please supply the following information.