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California Birth Defects Monitoring Program - Website Survey

1. What characteristic best describes you?

2. Where are you located?

3. What type of organization are you associated with?

4. Where did you find out about the CBDMP website?

5. What information are you looking for on the CBDMP website?

6. What did you find most helpful on the CBDMP website?

7. Please rate the following topics by degree of interest:

  Very High Interest High Interest Some Interest Low Interest Very Low Inetrest N/A
Birth Defect Prevention
Birth Defect Fact Sheets
Environmental Exposures

8. Please rate the following website categories by degree of usefulness:

  Very Useful Useful Somewhat Useful Not Very useful Not at all Useful N/A
News and Updates
Birth Defect Information
Data and Surveillance
Publications Presentations
Program Information
Related Topics

9. Please rate the following qualities of our website:

  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
Amount of content
Relevance of Content

10. Which birth defect(s) are you most concerned about?

11. Please rate the information on our website concerning the following birth defecets in degree of usefullness:

  Very Useful Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful Not at all Useful N/A
Spina Bifida
Triosomy 21 (Down syndrome)
Triosomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
Triosomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
Heart defects
Oral clefts
Abdominal wall defects (gastroschisis & omphalocele)

12. What would you like to see included on our website?