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1. Getting Your Kids Through Church - the book

We'd really like to know what you thought about the book.

1. Where did you hear about this book?

2. Why were you interested in reading this book?

3. How helpful was the book in enabling you to understand the issues that young people experience growing up in a Christian environment?

4. Do you feel more equipped to deal with the issues and pressures that your child will face?

5. Has this book given you at least one good practical idea to help you in raising your children?

6. How much difference do you think this book will make to you and your family or church?

  1 - No difference 2 3 4 5 6 7 - A huge difference
How much:

7. "Getting Your Kids Through Church..." is more than a book; we plan to create further resources to support people in continuing to think about and discuss these issues. What kind of resources would you find useful?