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PRW Laboratories

1. Your Name or Medical Practice

2. PRW Representative Name(s)

3. Satisfaction with the turnaround time of pathology results

4. Satisfaction with client services

5. Satisfaction with courier services & specimen pickups

6. Satisfaction with the completion of reports

7. Satisfaction with the accuracy of reports

8. Satisfaction with the availability of the pathologist(s)

9. Satisfaction with the appearance and organization of reports

10. Satisfaction with the delivery and reception of reports

11. Satisfaction with the accessibility of supplies (bottles, requisition sheets, specimen bags, etc.)

12. Satisfaction with the responsiveness of lab staff to patient care issues (special billing cases, patient demographic discrepancies, insurance issues, etc.)

13. Other ways we could improve our services?

14. Would you like a PRW representative to follow up with you about your concerns/comments mentioned in this survey?