1. What is your age?

2. Have you ever stored stuff in a storage container with a company like a mini storage business?

3. How many items do you list on EBay a year?

4. How many items do you list on Craigslist a year to sell?

5. What are your feelings about ebay when it come to listing goods?

6. What are your feeling about Craigslist when it comes to buying and selling goods?

7. Do you or did you go to college in the same state your parents live?

8. Did you own a car in college?

9. Do you throwaway stuff you could have sold on Craigslist? Be honest, we won't judge!

10. In your opinion what is wrong with the system when it comes to giving to those in need and what would you do differently if you could.

11. Do you think that helping those in need is part of our duty as citizens? The gamut of those in need is very large. From retirees and veterans to the homeless.

12. How many things of value a year do you throwaway? Be honest, we wont judge. ;)

13. What do you usually do with stuff that you want to get rid of?

14. Do you wish that Charities in the US were more "connected" technologically to the internet in terms of the programs available to you to find more ways to give and donate?

15. What services do you think are missing that your city could doing but isn't when it comes to getting relief or goods to those in your county and state?

16. What price range of a used good is the breaking point for you were it's not worth it for you to list stuff to sell online and might opt to throw it away.

17. Would you pay for a service that sold stuff you no longer wanted and made a deposit to your bank account or found a way to pay you?

18. Would you pay for a service that connected you to others that have stuff of similar value so you could trade or swap your stuff in your local communities?

19. Do you collect a bag or box of stuff to donate threw out the year or season and then go and drop it off to a place like The Good Will or Salvation Army?

20. What type of Smart Phone platform do you have?

21. Of apps that add value to your life what top 3 apps, non-entertainment driven, do you love?

22. Would you pay for a membership to a online company that simplified donating to specific groups and people in need of your choosing?

23. Would it make you feel better to see the effects of the stuff you give away being used? Meaning if you could see the family you gave your used stuff to... Would this be powerful to you and inspire you to help others more often?

24. If it were easier to give stuff to the charities and people you want to help either locally or nationally would you give or donate more stuff annually?

25. If there were a service that made it easy for you to find things you want that are used and give stuff to charities would you pay for that membership?

26. Do you currently go to church or participate in community service organizations.

27. Do you have any other thoughts on what would make it easier for you to give more used stuff to those in need you would like to share with us?

28. Thank you so much for your time and energy! In the future we would love to continue to work with you! At what email address would you like to be contacted? Again this is optional and again thank you.