1. Academic Certification Provider Application

An Academic Certification Provider is an educational institution, on subscription, with minimum seats required by country of the Education Edition, that administers the CSWA Academic Exam. To apply to become an Academic Certification Provider, please fill out the following application. If you are pursuing your Accredited Educator Certification, you must be an Academic Certification Provider. To learn more, please visit: www.solidworks.com/sw_accredited_educator_program.

* 1. Instructor full NAME

* 2. School Name - Please type the entire school name - No abbreviations!! Your school name will be printed on all student Certificates.

* 3. School Address

* 4. School Level

* 5. School Job Title

* 6. Your school email address. We will not accept "gmail" type accounts.

* 7. Contact Telephone Number

* 8. SolidWorks Education Edition 24-character serial Number. This is NOT a number starting with 9020.

* 9. Your SolidWorks Reseller

* 10. Proposed Date to give the CSWA Exam

* 11. Proposed number of students to take the CSWA Exam

* 12. Please choose which type of CSWA exam needed.

* 13. Certification - New Rules

As an Academic Certification Provider, you must read and agree to the following:

Before the Exam

1 - Provider checks Virtual Tester account 10 business days before exam day to see if they have the credits they need for testing.
2 - Provider verifies the testing environment 5 business days before exam day
3 - Provider agrees to give the exam in a proctored setting. The proctor must be a school employee.

* 14. During the Exam

1 - Each student is required to use the same personal email address for all exams.
2 - Students must take their own exams.
3 - If a student fails any segment of an exam, the student must wait 30 days before retaking that exam.
4 - Students must pass the CSWA exam first before taking any other certification exams.

* 15. Read and Confirm

SOLIDWORKS monitors the testing environment during exams. We have a right to terminate a proctor or delete a certificate due to misuse of the Academic Certification Provider program.