1. Do you currently serve on any decision-making bodies/boards (e.g., professional nursing organizations/boards, church, school, non-profit, city/county board, health care org, committee, political office)?

2. Have you ever been elected to a political office (ex: mayor, village board, county board)?

3. Are you interested in serving on a decision-making body/board?

4. Do you feel prepared to serve on a decision-making body/board?

5. Would you be interested in receiving support of some kind (i.e., mentoring, education) to help prepare you for serving on a decision-making body/board?

6. What types of assistance would be helpful? (Check all that apply)

7. Please list open leadership opportunities you are aware of in your community, health care organization, professional nursing organization, etc. with a copied/pasted link and contact (or name and address).

8. Please offer any suggestions you might have to advance nurse leadership in California through political office or community/civic decision-making bodies:

* 9. Please provide your contact information, necessary for baseline statistics.

10. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey!