1. What was the manner of contact you had with the Laconia Police Department?

2. What did your contact involve?

3. If you requested police services, was the response timely?

4. Was the representative of the police department:

  Very Acceptable Acceptable Neutral Not Acceptable Very Un-acceptable

5. Are you satisfied overall with the quality of service provided by the Laconia Police Department?

6. If you need the services of the Laconia Police Department in the future, are you confident that the response will be professional and effective?

7. In your opinion, which of these law enforcement issues listed below pose a serious problem, somewhat of a problem, not much of a problem or not a problem in Laconia?

  Serious Problem Somewhat of a problem Not much of a problem Not a problem Do not know
Alcohol Related Offenses
Drug Related Offenses
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Burglary (Breaking and Entering)
Hate/Bias crime
Vandalism/Property Damage
Traffic & Road Safety
Youth Crimes
Noise Complaints
Weapon Offenses

8. Please indicate below where you would like to see the Laconia Police Department utilize more of their resourcese:

9. Do you feel safe walking alone in Laconia?

10. in the past THREE (3) months, were you or anyone in your household a victim of any crime?

11. What can we do to improve police service in Laconia?

12. Please tell us about yourself.

13. My age is:

14. In Laconia, do you?

15. If you haven't done so, please browse our website prior to completing the survey and give us your thoughts and any comments for improvements.