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1. Taking the Gospel Home with Marcy Stahler, weekdays at 7:30 am?

2. MoneyWise with Howard Dayton & Steve Moore, Weekdays 12:30 pm on WJPG?

3. Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah? If so, what time?

4. In Touch with Charles Stanley? If so, what time(s)?

5. Bibical Health Keys with Carol Fambro, Saturday 9:00 am?

6. Do you listen to Life Change with Pastor Walt? If so, at what day(s) & time(s)

7. Messianic Perspectives with Dr. Gary Hedrick? If so, at what time(s)?

8. Just Thinking with Ravi Zacharias?

9. Mission Points with Pastor James McCartney? If so, what day(s) & times(s)

10. New Life Live with Steve Arterburn?