* 1. Would you like to state your name for this survey or remain anonymous?

* 2. What is your age?

3. What is your gender?

4. What is your nationality?

5. What Country do you currently live in?

* 6. Do you play video games? (If no skip to question 14 )

7. How often do you play video games?

8. How long, on average. do your play sessions last?

9. Do you have a sibling(s) or parent(s) that play video games?

10. What platform(s) do you play on? (Current or classic)

11. What genre of video games do you play regularly?

12. What is your favourite video game series, classic and/or current?

13. Do you play Multiplayer or Single player games?

14. What do you like to do mostly in your spare time?

15. How often do you watch Television

16. What is your favorite kind of television show?

17. What is musical genres do you listen to?

18. What is your favourite colour?

* 20. Are you employed or a student?

21. What time do you normally go to bed in the evening?

22. How many hours of sleep do you get on average each night?

23. Do you feel like you had a good education

* 24. Do you feel violence in video games has a bad influence on peoples behavior?

25. Do you feel violence is necessary in video games?

* 26. Do you feel video games hyper-sexualise characters?

* 27. What is your opinion on the inclusion of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender) content in video games (non pornographic content. I.E characters who have been scripted with dialogue or actions to confirm their sexuality) Do you think it should be included more?

28. Do you feel that sexual content should be frowned upon in video games?

* 29. When given the correct certification, what do you believe to be more acceptable in video games, Sex or violence?

* 30. Can you define the difference between a casual gamer and a hard-core gamer?

* 31. How old do you think the average gamer is today?

* 32. What percentage of gamers do you think are female?

* 33. Did you know that the video game industry grosses more profits than Hollywood and is currently the most profitable entertainment industry?

* 34. How old do you think the video game industry is?

* 35. Could you name what the first interactive video game was called?

* 36. How often do you rent DVD's or video games?

* 37. What is your attitude towards media piracy? (illegally downloading, video games, music, Tv shows, Films and software)

* 38. Video games have often been covered in the media. Do you feel the media has an accurate perspective on the video games industry and they way they affect children, teenagers and adults?

* 39. Do you feel that the media has an accurate representation on the link between violent video games and the violent incidents covered in the media. (e.g the sandy hook shootings)

* 40. Video games have come a long way in the past few decades in order of realism in video games with violent and graphic imagery.
Do you agree this could desensitize children to common emotions and rational thinking?

* 41. Have you found any positive stories involving video games covered in the media?

* 42. Do you feel the current PEGI system in the UK needs to be stricter like the bbfc.

* 43. Did you know modern consoles have very customisable parental controls to suit your restrictions.
(This restricts PEGI rated games, the time of the day you play, length of play time and contact with the online community)

* 44. Do you agree that more parents need to learn about the parental controls on consoles as to help further control their childrens exposure to video games?

* 45. Do you agree that parents should have more control over their children's exposure to violence and sexual context? (video games, pictures, Films ect)

46. Do you agree that parents should not buy children video games with a PEGI rating above their childs age range.

47. With internet and online gaming being readily available compared to 15 years ago, do you believe today's generation are too reliant on modern technology? ( Video games, broadband, mobile and online banking, smartphones ect)

48. Did you know, no matter the genre of video game, people who have been exposed to video games tend to be more creative and pursue a creative career?

49. Is there anything would you like comment about the current video game industry, the regulations exposure control and violence being a large part of our culture.
In your opinion do you think the movement of the industry is moving in the right direction?