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Health Care Early Scholars Survey

Please take a few minutes and provide feedback on the HSC 110: The Multidisciplinary Health Team Course you completed as part of the Health Care Early Scholars program.

1. To what degree did your experience with this course solidify your interest in pursuing a career in the health field?

2. After taking this class, I feel more confident about taking other college coursework.

3. How helpful was it for you to have an in-school mentor for this course?

4. Did you watch more live Elluminate Sessions or more Recorded Sessions?

5. To what degree did the service learning component of this course influence your desire to continue pursuit of a career in the health field?

6. What other Health Science related classes would you be interested in taking?

7. What was the most useful or meaningful thing you learned in this course?

8. Please list three ways you think you have grown or developed as a result of this course.

9. If you were to start this course over, what would you do differently?

10. What would you like to learn further about this subject?

Thank you for completing this survey.