1. How professional is our bank?

2. How convenient is our bank to use?

3. Compared to our competitors, is our product quality better, worse, or about the same?

4. How well do the customer service representatives at our bank answer your questions?

5. Overall, how satisfied are you with the employees at our company?

6. During your last visit to the bank, was our service delivered in a timely manner?

7. What department in our Bank do you use? Check all that apply.

8. Which branch do you normally visit?

9. Is there any way we can improve your experience at First National Bank Minnesota?

10. What do we do well? Is there a product or service that you truly value with our bank?

11. Do you use any type of social media such as Facebook or Twitter and if so what type?

12. Have you "liked" First National Bank Minnesota's Facebook page?

13. (Optional) Name and/or contact information for follow-up.