1. Allow Jerry Chen to have Mike Dillard answer YOUR question

To make a long story very short... just ask yourself this question:

Have you ever thought about having Mike Dillard personally coach you to take your business to the next level but didn't think you could afford to?

I'll be spending some personal 1-on-1 time with Mike for a few days next week (week of November 9th, 2009)... and will be filming a training DVD just for YOU.

And what better way to serve YOU than asking you exactly what you'd like to Mike to answer for you so you can make more money in your business?

So... I'd love, absolutely adore, to hear you describe in detail, what ONE question you'd like Mike to answer for you?

Be clear and specific.

Oh, and be mindful that questions that get into extreme technical details are not ideal (i.e. "can I increase my Quality Score by changing this and that on my landing page, etc.").

It's a special opportunity so make the best of it!

Dream Enormous,
Jerry Chen

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* 1. Enter your question for Mike Dillard. I'll see to have him answer it during my interview with him...

"Hey Mike, it's so great to finally meet you...

My question for you is -

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