1. Overview

The Year End Report is an assessment of current goals, efforts, successes and areas of growth for your chapter.

As part of the Fraternal Organization Agreement, chapters are responsible for completing the Year End Report. Additionally, the information provided in this report will be used by the Office of the Dean of Students/Fraternity & Sorority Life to recognize and celebrate the achievements of fraternities and sororities in the Fall and Spring semesters. Moreover, the information provided will prove critical in shaping future programs, initiatives and services.

Chapters are asked to complete all sections of this report no later than Friday, April 24. All responses should reflect achievements, activities, events, etc. from the Fall and Spring semesters.

In order to progress from one page to the next, chapters will be required to complete all fields on a page. To preview the entire survey, a .pdf version can be accessed under the FOA page of the FSL Website.

It is highly recommended that the chapter president complete this Year End Report.

* 1. Fraternity/Sorority Name

* 2. Chapter Designation (i.e. Gamma Rho Chapter)

* 3. Please indicate the total number of active members in your chapter.

* 4. Individual Completing the Report

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