* 1. What city and state do you teach in?

* 2. When this year is over, how many years of teaching have you completed?

* 3. What age, subject area, and total number of students do you teach do you teach?

* 4. Do you have a dream educational trip you'd like to take your students on?

5. If your answer to the previous question is yes, please describe the educational trip you'd like to take, and why.

6. Would you be interested in applying for a grant,which would award you up to 20% of the required money for your trip, if the intention of that money was to act as seed money to raise the remaining funds?

7. What other services would be helpful for to make your dream educational trip a reality?

8. If you were applying for a grant, when would be the ideal time for you to submit it?

9. When would be the ideal time for you to be notified if you have been awarded the grant?

10. If you are interested in being involved in more surveys about this topic, or would like information on how to apply for this grant, if it becomes available please leave your first name and email.