Money and the economy topped the list of stressors for at least 80 percent of those surveyed by the American Psychological Association (APA) in September. Finances now overshadow the more typical daily stressors of work and relationships -- 46 percent report being worried about providing for their family's basic needs.

The rise in stress levels can exacerbate such conditions as high blood pressure and cardiac conditions, weaken the immune system, disturb sleep patterns and drive individuals to revert to unhealthy lifestyles.

Health coaches, behavioral health teams and primary care providers are being confronted with an unprecedented level of stress due to economic issues among their patients. How is your organization addressing these concerns? Complete our survey on how your organization is serving your patients in this economic climate and we'll share the results with you on the strategies that organizations are using in this environment.

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* 1. Are your health coaching, behavioral health services teams and primary care providers seeing an increase in the level of stress among the patients you serve due to the current economic climate?