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1. Have you used the Author Resource Center (http://www.ams.org/publications/authors/authors) on ams.org?

2. Please select the resources you use (or have used) on ams.org (these can be found on the Author Resource Center page)

3. What authoring resources do you find most useful on the AMS website?

4. Why do you usually visit the AMS website?

5. What do you have trouble finding (specific information, tools, etc.) on our website?

6. Is there any information that you would like to see added to our author resources?

7. Why did you choose to publish with the American Mathematical Society?

8. How can we help make the publishing process easier for you?

9. What social media do you use/follow regularly?

10. Where do you follow the AMS? Please select:

11. Please describe your social media use as a mathematician and author. Do you prefer one channel over another? Do you prefer one channel over another for sharing mathematical content? Why or why not?

12. What first interested you in mathematics?