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1. Homeless Survey


The following survey is being performed by the Dunn County Advocates for the Homeless. If you have questions please contact Heidi Hooten at Stepping Stones - 235-2975, shelter@steppingstonesdc.org

1. Were you homeless in the past year?

2. If you were homeless in the past year, how many nights were you homeless?

3. If you were homeless would you consider staying at a "Warming Shelter"? (A place for adults to go overnight to stay warm, sleeping may or may not be allowed)

4. If you were homeless would you consider staying at a "Hospitality Network" (A place for families and singles to sleep, and possibly have a meal. The location would rotate on a weekly or monthly basis)

5. If you answered "No" to the previous two questions, please explain why.

6. Would you support and/or volunteer at a "Warming Shelter" or "Hospitality Network"?

7. What do you feel is the greatest need for homeless or low income people in Dunn County?

8. How would you best describe yourself

9. Would you like to be a member of the Dunn County Advocates for Homeless and help coordinate efforts to address homelessness? Please list your information below