1. Homeless Survey


The following survey is being performed by the Dunn County Advocates for the Homeless. If you have questions please contact Heidi Hooten at Stepping Stones - 235-2975, shelter@steppingstonesdc.org

* 1. Were you homeless in the past year?

* 2. If you were homeless in the past year, how many nights were you homeless?

* 3. If you were homeless would you consider staying at a "Warming Shelter"? (A place for adults to go overnight to stay warm, sleeping may or may not be allowed)

* 4. If you were homeless would you consider staying at a "Hospitality Network" (A place for families and singles to sleep, and possibly have a meal. The location would rotate on a weekly or monthly basis)

* 5. If you answered "No" to the previous two questions, please explain why.

* 6. Would you support and/or volunteer at a "Warming Shelter" or "Hospitality Network"?

* 7. What do you feel is the greatest need for homeless or low income people in Dunn County?

* 8. How would you best describe yourself

* 9. Would you like to be a member of the Dunn County Advocates for Homeless and help coordinate efforts to address homelessness? Please list your information below