1. What Year, Make (e.g. Ford, etc), and Model (e.g. F250, etc), of truck or other vehicle do you own?

2. Have you ever purchased from Custom Diesel?

3. What product(s) do we not offer on our website that you wish we did?

4. Who do you consider to be our main competition?

5. Have you been to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CustomDieselInc)?

6. Have you ever been to our RPG Motorsports website, www.rpgsxs.com?

7. What do you like - or not like - about our website, Custom-Diesel.com? (What can we improve?)

8. If we added "Amazon Payments" as a payment method, would you use that over PayPal or Credit Cards?

9. Were you are that we now offer **financing** on our website through BillMeLater (a PayPal company)?

10. Would you like to subscribe to our promotional email newsletters? If so, please provide your email address below.

11. Thank you for taking our survey!