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1. Office Relocation Survey

An Office Relocation Task Force is seeking your input prior to their search for new office/service center space. Once a new site is identified, we will be eliminating the current offices in Lakeland and Tampa and relocating the current Ocala office to Camp Wildwood in Sumter County.

* 1. In order to determine what is most important when we select the location for a new Corporate Office, please prioritize the following criteria.

  Most important Least important
Proximity to other services
Close to interstates
Adequate parking

* 2. What would be most important:

* 3. What services should be available at the new Corporate Service Center?
Check all that apply.

* 4. How often do you currently visit either the Lakeland or Tampa office?

* 5. When you do visit the Lakeland or Tampa offices, what is the purpose of your visit?

6. Are there any additional services that would make you likely to visit the Service Center more often? Please describe.

7. Please tell us where you live.

* 8. What is your current affiliation with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida?
Check all that apply

9. Do you have any additional comments or suggestions you'd like to share with the Office Relocation Task Group?