* 1. Which school/campus do you work at?

2. I feel this school/facility is safe.

3. This school/facility is protected from potential crime and vandalism.

4. This school/facility is a place where most people can be trusted.

5. Everyone's racial and ethnic heritage is respected at this school/facility.

6. The expectations for safety procedures are clear and known to me.

7. Staff at this school/facility follow the safety procedures.

8. Staff at this school/facility are held accountable for following safety procedures.

9. The staff enforces safety procedures among the students.

10. The effects of vandalism at this school/facility are quickly repaired.

11. This school/facility is free of hazards that can cause accidental injury.

12. The classrooms are well maintained and inviting places to teach and learn.

13. The staff feels responsible for what happens at this school/facility.

14. I trust this school/facility is prepared to respond in an emergency or crisis.

15. If I saw an exterior door propped open, I would...

16. I ask unfamiliar people on my campus for their ID badges or visitor sticker.

17. If I see a familiar person without an ID badge or visitor sticker, I would escort them to the front office.

18. If an unfamiliar person asked to see one of my students, I would...

19. I keep my classroom/office door locked...

20. I report safety issues to my principal/supervisor.

21. I have received appropriate training on how to respond in the event of an emergency.

22. What kind of safety training would you like to receive?