1. NAEA WC 15-minute survey

By participating in this 15-minute survey you consent that your responses can be used in a study by NAEA WC member researchers: Joanna Rees, Read Diket, and Karen Keifer-Boyd. Responses will be grouped, and no respondent can be, or will be, identified in completing the survey or in the analysis and presentation of the responses. The study has Institutional Review Board approval by William Carey University. If you have questions, please contact principle investigator, Dr. Read Diket at rdiket@c-gate.net

* 1. What is your educational background and highest level of education attained?

* 2. What is your job title or brief description of your current or recent employment?

* 3. How long have you been associated with the field of art education and in what capacity and roles?

* 4. What is your age?

* 5. What is your gender?

* 6. Have you ever studied gender issues in your educational background? If you answered “yes” please explain the context and institutional setting.

* 7. What is a feminist to you?

* 8. What does feminism mean to you?

* 9. Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?

* 10. Do you feel the study of feminism and gender is relevant in art education?

* 11. What gender-related issues are most important for researchers to study in art education? For example: salary/ranking differences between women and male professionals, body image, aging, identity, girlhood, adolescence, motherhood, gender role socialization, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, or other?

* 12. Have you ever been discriminated against because of your gender? If you answered "yes," please describe the acts of gender discrimination you have experienced.

* 13. Have you ever tried to bring attention to gender issues through your pedagogy, research, or in professional practice? If, you answered "yes" can you please indicate how gender issues are incorporated into your pedagogy, research, or experiences with peers?

* 14. Are you a member of NAEA Women's Caucus or any other gender related lobbying groups/coalitions? If, you answered "yes" please estimation the duration of involvement and describe what you have derived from the organization(s).

* 15. Please draw a picture or submit a jpeg of your image of a feminist at naeawomenscaucus@gmail.com