1) Microsoft plans to hold a cloud 1/2 OR 1 day training SPECIFICALLY for the OSS community
2) Training will be based on the MS Azure Cloud - but concepts are the same and we'll keep it as generic as possible
3) This survey is to find out what you expect out of this cloud training.
4) Survey is also to find out profile of attendees for us to prepare appropriate contents
5) The training is FoC
6) This survey will close on Feb 18 2011

* 1. Would you be interested to attend?

* 2. What do you expect to learn from this training? (Please select and rank your multiple answers - left being the most important)

Teach me the basics of the cloud
What are the mechanics of the cloud e.g. charging mechanism, resilience, disaster recovery, etc
Why should i consider deploying to the cloud
Why is the best way for me to deploy my apps on the cloud
How to optimize my codes specifically for the cloud
If i have an existing app, how do I tweak it for the cloud
Can i deploy Open Source components to the Cloud?
What is the difference between Azure vs others

* 3. Tell us more about yourself (select any that applies)

* 4. When I code, i prefer to use the following language(Please select and rank your multiple answers - left being the most preferred)

Ruby on Rails

* 5. What is the best time for you to attend this training session?

* 6. Do you have any other comments or feedback to add?