* 1. The reception staff was informed, courteous and helpful.

* 2. The attending veterinarian was friendly, courteous and professional.

* 3. The attending veterinarian performed a thorough examination.

* 4. The veterinarian really cares about my horse(s).

* 5. The attending veterinarian explained my horse(s) diagnosis and prognosis.

* 6. The veterinarian listened closely to what I had to say.

* 7. The veterinarian explained any problems & treatments clearly.

* 8. The veterinarian arrived within 30 minutes of my scheduled appointment.

* 9. The veterinarian explained follow-up care in an understandable manner.

* 10. The services I received were reasonably priced.

* 11. Littleton Equine Medical Center provides good value for my money.

* 12. I will strongly recommend Littleton Equine Medical Center to others.

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