CSJ is considering offering an interdisciplinary course (History/English) on World War I. This course would be offered in the spring of 2015 and would include a 7-10 day field trip to Europe to visit sites related to the history of the war. Tuition for this course (including the field trip) would likely range from $3000-$4000, but students may apply for financial aid to cover the costs. We are trying to measure student interest in such a course, and we would greatly appreciate if you would fill out and return the following brief survey. Thank you for your time and input.

1. Would you be interested in taking this course?

2. Which of the following was the most important factor in your response to question 1?

3. Below, please add any questions you have in regard to this potential course or any information/suggestions which may be helpful to us as we continue to consider whether to offer such a course.