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1. Peterborough 100 12

Thanks very much for taking the time to complete this - we are keen to be top of the game and provide you with what is required for a great day in the saddle - let us know where we might improve!

1. Please leave your name and email address

2. How hard did you find this route?

3. Please rate the route signage

4. Do you have any comments on the locations, regularity of the refreshment stops or the snacks/lunch provided.

5. How well informed did you feel via the ride website and emails?

6. How did you/how do you plan to raise your sponsorship money? (Doesn't apply to sportive option riders)

7. What do you think a realistic target for your sponsorship is?

8. Please rate your overall experience here

9. If there is anything further you would like to add regarding the ride, please comment below.

10. What in your opinion do you think we could do to improve your ride with us?

11. What were your reasons for entering the ride?

12. Tell us which cycling/sporty publications you read or sporty websites you visit regularly

13. Tell us which national newspapers you read regularly

14. Would you be interested in helping as a volunteer at one of our rides?

Thanks very much
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