How Can You Be Active in AHA?

Following are nine ways that artists and organizations can actively engage in the work of the AHA.  Please take a few minutes to look this over and identify your areas of interest.  Feel free to forward this to staff and artists who you feel would be willing to contribute to this work.  (Participation is not limited to organizations, despite the framing of some questions.  All are welcome)

* 1. Orientation Package:     2-5 committee members to determine what information new members should have in order to bring them into the conversation in an informed and expedient manner.

* 2. Recruitment Package:     2-4 committee members will develop materials that inform prospective members and partners what we do and why they should join.

* 3. Meeting Host:     Member organizations holding an event at which AHA meetings can gather are invited to self-identify.  Hosts will offer a wi-fi equipped meeting space with a capacity for at least twenty persons, and a four hour block for conversation.

* 4. Representation:     AHA members to attend events as representatives of the Assembly.  Volunteers will be debriefed as necessary prior to event (any number of volunteers is welcome; participation subject to event-specific availability).

* 5. Website Development:     2-4 committee members to advise on the design and functions needed for an effective AHA website which facilitates conversation, member management, dissemination and knowledge sharing.

* 6. Connections:     2-4 committee members to identify ally organizations whom we should partner with, or learn from (cross-sectoral).

* 7. I Have Seen Change:     6-10 emerging arts leaders to interview cultural trailblazers and prepare a 'report' on past progress, successful strategies, ambitious actions and other parts of our community's history that will contextualize the movement, and help us to move forward in a good way.

* 8. IndiVisible - Report Readers:     6-12 readers will synthesize the contents of existing studies, extracting data relevant to our communities in preparation for the IndiVisible Study.  

* 9. IndiVisible - Shaping the Study:     2-6 committee members to assess the priorities and possibilities of an AHA led study into the current state of our membership's arts milieu.  The committee would look at the focus, shape and data gathering process for the prospective study.

* 10. Are there other ways in which you would like to participate in the Ad Hoc Assembly?  Is there another project you would like to lead/participate in?  Please indicate where your interest/aptitude lies.