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1. How distractible are you?

1. How often do you check your email?

2. Do you check email/voicemail while you are on vacation?

3. Do you check email on your phone or other mobile device (not a laptop)?

4. How much of the time are you available for instant messaging?

5. How often do you take work calls/emails/messages when you're at home?

6. Complete the following phrase: "For my job, the Internet is...

7. How does your employer restrict internet use? Check all that apply.

8. How do your employer's technology restrictions affect you?

9. Do you ever rely on tricks to remove the distraction of the Internet so you can get work done? If so, what? Check all that apply

10. How much time do you spend each day at work/school?

11. Of the time you're at work/school each day, how much time do you spend on non-work/school activities (e.g. surfing the internet, playing games, personal emails/conversations, etc.)?

12. Did you stop working on Thursday to check on the news about the airplane ditching in the Hudson river?

13. Responding to this survey is...