Thank you for completing this survey about the subject of house size and neighborhood character in Boulder. The Boulder City Council would like take your comments into account as it continues to discuss the issue.

In an attempt to try to address the issue of homes that are extremely large or seem to be out of scale with a surrounding neighborhood, the Boulder City Council had a discussion with the city Planning Board at its meeting on March 13, 2008. A subsequent discussion at the March 18 council meeting centered on possibly establishing floor area ratio (FAR) limitations as well as potential limitations on the total size of homes allowed in some residential neighborhoods.

The FAR is currently calculated as the floor area of residential buildings [including garages and some basements] divided by the area of the property lot. For example, a 0.5 FAR means that the total square footage of the buildings on a lot divided by the total square footage of the lot must be less than or equal to 50 percent. [building floor area / lot area = FAR].

Please let us know what you think by answering the following questions (this survey should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete).

Thank you for your time and involvement!

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* 1. Do you live in Boulder (city limits)?

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* 2. If you live in the city of Boulder, which neighborhood do you live in?

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* 3. Do you support or oppose council limiting the size of houses in your neighborhood?