Hey all!

We're always trying to do our best to keep updating our inventory so that we have the best selection of products available for our customers. Sometimes we find ourselves in a bit of a jam, though. Anyone who has worked retail knows that aggravating pattern where, after being asked for a certain product over and over, you finally get it in stock...and no one buys it.

We've become known for being a good go-to for packers, STPs, binders, and other FtM needs. We'd love to be able to offer the same kind of variety of products to our trans women customers as well. But, while we have been asked about gaffs and cutlets, the requests have been few and far between. So we need your help!

If you identify as a trans woman or have an SO (friend, family member, or partner) who identifies as such, we'd love it if you could take a few minutes to fill out a quick survey to help us get a better sense of how we can improve our inventory to better serve the wants and needs of the trans community.

Thanks so much, and take care!

Much love,