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1. Are you a parent? If so, in what age group? Female or Male? (Multiple answers required)

2. Do you use your mobile device to snap "Kodak Moments" of your kids on-the-go?

3. Where are you most likely to share these images/thoughts/memories?

4. Do you (painstakingly) "Scrapbook" or create "Photobooks"?

5. Do you write a Blog? If Yes, do you use TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad or Other?

6. Do you use a photo sharing site like "Instagram", "Flickr" or "Picasa"? Or multiple?

7. If you are located in the Okanagan region and would like to join us for our focus group in January 2012 please leave your name & email below - we'll get in touch with more info. There will be door prizes, refreshments and a chance to spend about an hour gabbing with other mommies! Kids allowed!