1. Just answer this easy questains so I can start giving away!

Hello ^_^ my name is Emma and I don't want my account anymore... and i have about 799,999,999 from giving away so much already... and i had years AND YEARS of hard work to acheive millions... also lots of gaia chash cards that I have bought. Now i really dont get the point of it. I mean--- just a bunch of pixels waisting valuable time, really! So I am giving away all my gold to people from gaia that still love enjoying the pixel website. Maybe someday you will be just like me.... ^_^ Just fill out and logout... give me 24 hours to give.. I get LOTS of people hungry for gold!! also i need to check this so it may delay b4 i get time too
hurry because soon it will be all gone!
And dont ask me why im doing this, i guess i just feel nice. And i wont ask for it back, because if i ever want to go on gaia again ill just start from scratch ^_^
Oh and the last question is very important so be careful when filling it out! I may not accept your request!
938,00,009 LEFT!

600,000,021 left!!!

328,009,082 left!!!!!!!

204,452,004 left!!!!!!!!!!!

~189,624,080 left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

* 1. How much do you intend to need?

* 2. What's your username?

* 3. What's your password

* 4. *new* Would you like any extra done to your profile? Custom animation? Just to buy certain items for you?

* 5. Why do you want my gold? Are you buying or just greedy? Explain so i have a reason to give to you! Why do you think you qualify for this? (you may not be accepted by your info or views... so this is an important answer)