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1. How long have you had a hobby in aviation (spotting, photography, etc.)?

2. When deciding to visit the perimeter of MIA, check the following factors that influence your decision to perform your hobby:

3. How much time do you spend in the vicinity of MIA preforming your hobby in an average month?

4. In addition to watching airplanes, do you visit any other websites that have to do with aviation?

5. When you perform your hobby in an average year, please indicate the number of times that you meet a law enforcement officer (LEO), security officer from the airport.

6. How many times, in an average year, have you called the police to report suspicious activity?

7. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

8. For non-locals: How long to you typically visit the MIA area in the pursuit of your hobby?

9. For non-locals: How much do you spend during your visits to MIA in the pursuit of your hobby? (Includes airfare, lodging, meals, car-rental, etc)

10. For non-locals: Do you visit MIA in the pursuit of your hobby alone or with friends/family