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Help Senator Squadron Get Rid of Ponding. Please fill out a survey about how ponding has impacted your quality of life, business, and/or day-to-day experience:

* 1. Zip Code:

Ponding: A small body of still water formed naturally or by hollowing or embanking. i.e. large puddles

2. How often do you see ponding on your block?

3. After it rains, how long does it take for water to drain from ponds?

4. How often does ponding negatively affect your shopping/eating experience?

5. In regard to ponding, how would you rate the overall streets in your neighborhood?

6. Are you less likely to visit a neighborhood if there is ponding?

7. Do you value your home/business less due to ponding?

8. How is the City's response to ponding?

9. Which of the following have you done in response to ponding? Check all that apply.

10. If you find ponding to be a problem and have not reached out, why not? Check all that apply.

11. Optional: