1. 2550100 Alliance Membership Form

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Welcome to the 2550100 Alliance! Join by simply answering the following questions. It is free of charge and there are no obligations for participation.

Here’s what your free membership includes:

Technical training from alliance members about standards, components, adapters and switches.

Technical alerts from alliance members about new features, protocol support; as well as known problems and fixes.

You can contribute to this 2550100.com portal with contact information, news, product collateral and promotional material.

Early access to 2550100G products and special support for developers.

Co-marketing programs with QLogic and other alliance members aimed at educating channel partners and early end-user adopters.

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1. My company is requesting membership to the 2550100 Alliance as a Solution Provider member.

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2. I am authorized by my company to enroll my company as a member of the 2550100 Alliance with the understanding there are no fees, and my company can withdraw its membership at any time

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3. This is the COMPANY INFORMATION information we would like listed in the www.2550100.com Solution Partner Directory.

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4. This is the short (20 words) COMPANY DESCRIPTION we would like listed in in the www.2550100.com Solution Provider Directory.

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5. This is the CONTACT INFORMATION for the PERSON we would like listed in the www.2550100.com Solution Partner Directory.