Welcome to the AWI Safety Tip Challenge!

Thank you for entering the AWI Safety Tip Challenge. Each quarter, the AWI Safety Committee will review and select the best submittals to date.

Each submittals remain in the competition for the entire year, so all entries have an equal opportunity for review each quarter. ( Quarterly winners are excluded from future consideration ). The AWI Safety Committe reviews and judges all entries and selects the winners; all judging decisions are final. All submittals to the AWI Safety Tip Challenge become the sole property of AWI for its unrestricted and unlimited use in promoting safety in the workplace.

Each winner receives a beautiful Starrett Model S909Z precision measuring tool set with case valued at almost $300, compliments of the AWI Safety Committee and our partner in risk management, CNA Insurance.

But you can't win, if you don't enter, so let's get going. It only takes a few minutes to complete the submittal form.

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