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1. HB-1032 Crisis Response Survey

OBH wants to learn about your community's crisis response system - what exists, what's working and what's missing. Your input will help us assess the crisis response needs for this state.

1. Please indicate your affiliation and geographic location

2. What crisis response services are currently available in your community? (please mark all that apply and feel free to write in additional information)

3. How would you rate the following services for your community?

  Exceptional More Than Adequate Adequate Inadequate Nonexistent N/A
Availability of crisis services (business hours and after hours)
Response time to initial crisis
Timely access to follow up services
Detox services (Social model)
Overall continuum of care

4. How is the crisis response system working with citizens and other agencies in your community? Please rate the following:

  High Above Average Average Below Average Poor N/A
Community knowledge of available services
Collaboration between crisis response entities and other agencies
Outreach and communication with grassroots groups and individuals
Consumer satisfaction

5. Please rate how well the current crisis response system is working in your community?

6. What are three positive outcomes you have seen from the current crisis response system in your community?

7. What are three services that are missing in your community's crisis response system?

8. If resources and funding were unlimited, what would your "ideal" crisis response system look like?

9. Given existing funding and resources, what would be the best response system for your community?

10. Would you prefer to a statewide or a local crisis response system?

11. What is most important to you when receiving support/services during a crisis

12. What recovery and wellness components are the most important to you in relation to crisis services?