UA Magazine survey

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1. What was the first issue of UA Magazine that you received or read?

2. Do you like the type of articles presented in the UA Magazine?

3. Please name the best article(s) you have read in the past issues of the UA Magazine.

4. What topic would you like to see covered in future issues of UA Magazine?

5. With how many people do you share your copy of UA magazine?

6. If UA Magazine were available only electronically (and no longer in hard copy), would you continue to subscribe to it?

7. Would you continue to subscribe to UA Magazine if you were asked to pay a subscription fee?

8. Please give us a concrete example of how you made use of information available in UA Magazine (max. 200 words). Please also indicate if we can use your example in UA magazine 25.

9. Do you receive the RUAF Update (our newsletter with information on RUAF activities)?

10. Please indicate your:
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