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2. Which of the following internet sites have you used to find suppliers for your wedding? E.g. Florists, Photographers, Venues etc (Check all that apply)

3. How likely is it that you will have someone managing social media for you on your Wedding Day? E.g. Tweeting, updating Facebook, posting photos online

4. In a typical week, about how much time did you/do you spend using social media to help plan your wedding?

5. How likely are you to use a supplier for your wedding after following them on social media - e.g. reading their Facebook Pages, Twitter Updates, watching their Youtube videos - compared to suppliers with no social media presence

* 6. Can you give an example of how using social media has helped you to plan your wedding?

* 7. If you could use only one of the following social media sites to talk about your your wedding, which would you use?

* 8. Have you any comments to add regarding social media and weddings?

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