Student evaluations of teaching play an important role in enhancing the quality of instruction at the University of Kansas. The evaluations are made available to the faculty member (after grades are turned in) and to the chairperson/Dean of the School. These evaluations are considered in the processes for merit salary, promotion and tenure, and sabbatical leave decisions. Please give your responses careful attention.

* 3. Please mark only one response per item.

  strongly disagree disagree neither agree nor disagree agree strongly agree
This instructor provided content and materials that were useful and organized.
This instructor set and met clear goals and objectives for the course.
What this instructor expected of me was well defined and fair.
What this instructor expected of me was appropriately challenging.
This instructor's teaching was clear, understandable, and engaging.
This instructor was encouraging, supportive, and involved in my learning the course material.
This instructor was available, responsive, and helpful.
This instructor demonstrated respect for students and their points of view.
I acquired the knowledge and skills this course is intended to promote.

* 4. How important were the following reasons for taking this course?

  unimportant somewhat important important very important
Course fulfills a requirement.
Course was not full (open).
Course was offered online.
Course topic interests me.

* 5. How often did you complete the assigned readings/coursework before the given deadline?

* 6. Over the course of the semester, how many hours per week did you spend on the course. (i.e., reading, writing assignments, doing projects, etc.)?

* 7. My student status is:

* 8. What year of study are you in?

* 10. This section is a supplement to the questionnaire section. It offers you an opportunity to make specific written comments about your instructor concerning his/her teaching methods, the selection of course materials, and/or any aspect of the course which you particularly liked or disliked.