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We are unable to accept individuals who have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor involving any kind of sexual battery or criminal assault. By signing below, you certify that you have never been convicted of a charge of this nature, and you also agree to a criminal background check.
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The insight and courage of survivors can make them strong advocates for other survivors, their families and friends. From experience we have found that those survivors who go through training may need extra support. The topics we cover can be difficult for everyone, but can be especially challenging for those who have been assaulted. If you are a survivor who is going through training, please be aware of the importance of self-care. The volunteer coordinator would be happy to talk with you in confidence if there are specific topics that you have concerns about. If you are working with a therapist or counselor, it may be a good idea to talk with him/her about SARA volunteer training.

There are many ways to get involved at SARA, and we are grateful for your desire to help!

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