* 1. Which school do you attend?

2. My campus is well taken care of.

3. My building is neat and clean.

4. My classrooms are neat and clean.

5. The teachers are friendly.

6. Adults at this school care about the students.

7. Who would you tell if you saw something unsafe at your school? (check all that apply)

8. I feel safe telling my teachers about things that don't seem right.

9. I am comfortable talking to my teachers about problems.

10. I feel very safe at this school.

11. I feel safe during dismissal at the end of the school day.

12. I feel safe during arrival at the beginning of the school day.

13. Teachers/Administrators are visible during arrival, dismissal and passing periods.

14. When students have an emergency they can get help.

15. You can trust people who work at this school.

16. People who are different are respected at this school.

17. Have you ever reported another student for bullying you or someone else?

18. Has anyone ever threatened to hurt you at school?

19. Has someone been mean to you because of your color or race?

20. Has someone been mean to you because they thought you were different?

21. Has someone sexually harassed you at school?

22. How do you know if a stranger is inside your school building who should not be there?

23. Describe how safe or unsafe it is at your school.

24. Would you let someone inside your school building if they knocked on the door?

25. Would you let someone inside your classroom if they knocked on the door?

26. Would you leave school with someone you don't know?

27. Do you feel safe at after-school events on your campus?

28. Do you feel safe on your school bus?

29. If you do not feel safe on your school bus, tell me why.

30. Who do you tell if something bad happens on the school bus or at the bus stop? (check all that apply)

31. Do your teachers review the school emergency procedures with you and other students?