1. 1. Which age range do you represent? (Check one)

2. 2. Have you ever visited a NH State Park? (Check one)

3. 3. If yes, in what region is the park located? (Check all that apply)

4. 4. If no, please tell why you have not been to a NH State Park below? (Check all that apply)

5. 5. What is the farthest you are willing to travel to visit a state park? (Check one)

6. 6. What feature would most attract you to a NH State Park? (Check one)

7. 7. How would you prefer to get information about NH State Parks? (Check all that apply)

8. 8. What are your favorite forms of outdoor recreation activity in NH? (Check all that apply)

9. 9. Where do you typically go for outdoor recreation? (Check all that apply)