* 1. What Grade level will you teach? (Choose one)

* 2. When will you be student teaching? (Choose one)

* 3. What does “formative assessment” mean to you as a future teacher? Kindly Explain.

* 4. You are confident about your content knowledge mastery to formatively assess your future students through regular question and answer discussions.

* 5. You believe your School Of Education instructors emphasized the need to formatively assess your students.

* 6. You feel that your School Of Education instructors sufficiently trained you in various formative assessment strategies.

* 7. You believe that you are emotionally ready to handle the dynamic classroom questions, answers and discussions that your future students will have in your future classroom.

* 8. You believe that formative assessments throughout the presentation of you lessons will positively boost the moral of your classroom.

* 9. Your formative assessment strategies will keep you students engaged in active learning of your classroom content.

* 10. A Student-Centered classroom is the central focus of your teaching philosophy and pedagogy.