1. What year did you graduate from Coker College?

2. Was this your first Homecoming as an alumna/us?

3. Why did you attend Homecoming Weekend? Check all that apply:

4. Please rate the following programs and activities offered during Homecoming:

  Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Alumni Golf Tournament
Alumni Happy Hour at Bizzell's
Coker College K9 5K
Tour of Campus
Music Drop-in
Music Lunch
Boat House Bash All Class Reunion
Alumni Athletic Games
Alumni Lunch at the Dining Hall
Tailgating during Men's and Women's games

5. How would you rate the quality of food at the Homecoming lunch at the Dining Hall?

6. What additional events or improvements would enhance your Homecoming experience?

7. How did you hear about this event?

8. Please rate the following communication you received about Homecoming.

  Poor Fair Good Excellent N/A
Homecoming Save the Date
Boat House Bash - All Class Reunion
Coker College website
Athletics E-mails

9. Based on your experience, would you attend another Homecoming?

10. If you would like to become more involved with Coker College, please check the following areas that interest you:

11. Name and E-Mail (please provide if you wish to be contacted):