Thank you for being willing to help.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is setting up temporary community resource coordination centers in Omak and Colville for those wishing to commit time or equipment to fighting the current storm of wildfires. At this time, we are only seeking and able to coordinate services from those with wildland firefighting qualifications, including an Incident Qualification Card (commonly called a Red Card), a “Blue Card,” or a letter of certification from a local or rural firefighting agency stating that you have met appropriate physical fitness, experience and training standards for serving on wildfire incidents.

General volunteers may coordinate with local service organizations to provide valuable support services. Please keep in mind that air quality in firefighting areas may be poor. Those with respiratory considerations should consider volunteering in an alternate capacity.

Complete the following questions to help DNR determine where your assistance will be of the most help.

Please continue only if you've already received permission from your employer to volunteer with our community resource coordination centers.