* 1. Name

* 2. Date of Birth

Date of Birth

* 3. Are you planning to return or start school in the fall of this year?

* 4. When will you be available to work?

First day available to work 04/25/?-10/25/?
Last possible day of work 04/25/?-10/25/?

* 5. Why do you want to spend a summer in the Rockies?

* 6. Have you had the opportunity to review the Job Opportunity section on our website?

* 7. What are your job expectations?

* 8. What are your personal expectations?

* 9. What area or department do you see yourself fitting into?

* 10. What do you consider to be you strongest values?

* 11. What motivates you?

* 12. Describe a situation where you displayed organizational responsibility.

* 13. What do you feel are your greatest strengths?

* 14. Describe a problem that you have encountered, personal or job related and how you resolved this problem.

* 15. What frustrates you in the workplace?

* 16. What are three things you liked best about your last job?

* 17. What are three things you did not like about your last job?

* 18. What are the greatest lessons you have learned from your parents?

* 19. What do you respect the most about yourself?

* 20. What attributes do you posses that would contribute to Sunwapta Falls?

* 21. What would be your daily top priority in the workplace?

* 22. What do you consider to be your weakness?

* 23. Do you have any visible tattoos?

* 24. If yes, please indicate where they are on your body, and if you are able and willing to cover them if your position requires.

* 25. Do you have an up to date first aid certificate?

* 26. Will you be coming with a vehicle?