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Please take a moment to answer 10 short questions about access to transportation in Cabarrus County.

1. In what ways do you currently travel around Cabarrus County? Check all that apply.

2. What prevents you sometimes from getting where you need to go? Check all that apply.

3. How often do you have difficulty finding transportation?

4. What times do you most have trouble finding transportation?

5. Have you heard about CCTS vans (Cabarrus County Transportation Service) that provide rides with pick-up locations throughout Cabarrus County at little or no cost?

6. Would you use CCTS vans to take you to any of these places? Check all that apply.

7. How often would you use CCTS vans?

8. What time of day would you most likely use CCTS vans?

9. What is the name of your neighborhood/community or street name in Cabarrus County?

10. List any specific transportation needs you have and the best way to contact you.

Thank you for your time!