Envisioning Our Future: Next Steps Toward Implementing Long-Range Priorities

Please complete the following questions:

* 1. What is your zip code (enter 5-digits only)

* 2. Which region listed below best describes the area of Virginia where you live?

* 3. What is your primary affiliation?

If DEQ continues the “Envisioning Our Future” effort, do you think it is a GOOD IDEA to . . .

4. Post a compilation of input from the Environment Virginia 2013 breakout sessions & electronic surveys on DEQ’s & VMI’s websites?

5. Provide an opportunity for stakeholders to submit additional information to DEQ staff for posting on these websites (similar to blog or bulletin board on Futures)?

6. Post information on these websites about existing collaborative programs in Virginia that are successfully addressing future priorities?

7. Convene Town Hall meeting(s) where stakeholders (including local governments) can continue to discuss priorities with state government representatives & help formulate steps to address issues of common concern?

8. Encourage groups to convene collaborative meetings where long-term environmental priorities are addressed by all governmental and non-governmental stakeholders?

9. Consider holding sessions at Environment Virginia 2014 where progress made by governmental and non-governmental stakeholders can be reported and discussed?

10. What next steps would you suggest taking?

11. Optional information: